Looking to capture professional-quality audio on your mobile phone? Shure brings you a range of top-notch mobile phone microphones in Singapore that elevate your recordings to the next level. Whether you're a content creator, journalist, or musician, our mobile microphones are designed to deliver exceptional sound clarity and precision, transforming your mobile device into a powerful recording tool.


When it comes to mobile microphones, there are various types available to suit different recording needs and preferences. Here are some popular types of microphones for mobile devices:

1. USB Microphones

USB microphones offer a convenient plug-and-play solution for mobile recording. These microphones connect directly to your mobile device via a USB connection and provide high-quality audio capture. USB microphones are popular among podcasters, musicians, and content creators who require a simple and portable setup.

2. Portable Condenser Microphones

Portable condenser microphones like our MV88 + Video Kit with Digital Stereo Condenser Microphone, are versatile options for mobile recording. These compact microphones can directly connect to your mobile phone or other portable devices, offering excellent sound quality for various applications. Whether you're recording music, podcasts, or field recordings, portable condenser microphones deliver detailed and rich audio.

3. External Stereo Microphones

External stereo microphones provide a wide and immersive sound capture. They capture audio from multiple directions, offering a more realistic and spatial audio experience. External stereo microphones are perfect for recording concerts, live performances, or creating immersive audio content.


When it comes to mobile microphones, Shure is the brand that stands out from the crowd. With a reputation for superior sound quality, Shure mobile microphones deliver clear, detailed, and professional-grade audio that takes your recordings to the next level. Regardless of your profession, Shure's mobile microphones are designed to meet your recording needs with versatility and compatibility.

With seamless integration with a wide range of mobile devices, including iPhones and Android smartphones, Shure microphones ensure that you can start recording effortlessly. Not only are Shure mobile microphones compatible but they are also built to last. Designed with durability and portability in mind, these microphones are the perfect companions for creators on the move. Our range of mobile phone microphones can also withstand the rigours of on-the-go use, making them reliable tools for capturing audio anywhere inspiration strikes.

Shure's commitment to innovation is also evident in the features incorporated into our mobile microphones. From the free ShurePlus MOTIV audio and video apps that enable recording control to headphone monitoring options, Shure microphones offer flexibility and customisation, allowing you to achieve the perfect sound balance and monitor your recordings in real-time.

With years of experience in the audio industry, Shure has earned the trust of professionals worldwide as well. By choosing Shure mobile microphones, you join a community of passionate creators who rely on the brand's commitment to quality and reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mobile Phone Microphones

How does a mobile microphone work?

A mobile microphone is an external audio device that connects to your mobile phone, enhancing its recording capabilities. It captures sound through a microphone capsule and converts it into an electrical signal. This signal is then transmitted to your mobile device, allowing you to record high-quality audio for various purposes such as vlogging, podcasting, interviews, and more.

How to use a microphone for an iPhone?

Using a microphone for an iPhone is simple. Connect the microphone to your iPhone using the appropriate connector, such as a Lightning connector that is often provided with the microphone kit by Shure. Once connected, open your preferred recording app or video recording feature on your iPhone. Select the external microphone as the audio input source, and you're ready to start recording with enhanced audio quality and clarity.

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