MV7+ Podcast Microphone with Gravity Microphone Arm Bundle

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The MV7+ is the latest iteration of a microphone designed for creators looking to take control of their audio and dive into a vibrant world of color. Capture broadcast-quality audio in even the most challenging of spaces and customize the new LED touch panel to suit your style perfectly.

Refreshed with a customizable LED touch panel, powerful DSP features and even better audio, the MV7+ Podcast Microphone is a dynamic microphone built for discerning podcasters, streamers and musicians. This updated version offers USB-C and XLR outputs, an improved Auto Level Mode, as well as a new digital pop filter, real-time DeNoiser and reverb effects. Select from millions of color options to make the touch-to-mute LED panel as unique as the audio you’re recording.


  • Voice Isolation Technology separates your voice from unwanted background sounds, so you can make perfect recordings every time
  • The improved Auto Level Mode adjusts your mic’s gain based on distance, volume and spatial detection for optimized audio levels
  • The real-time Denoiser uses cutting-edge DSP technology to eliminate ambient noise in your room
  • A new Digital Popper Stopper™ removes harsh plosive sounds so you can avoid acoustic distractions on your audio tracks and a physical pop filter on camera when you’re filming
  • Take advantage of three types of reverb (Plate, Hall, Studio) for enhanced depth and richness in music recordings
  • Enjoy easy connectivity no matter the recording setup with USB-C and XLR outputs
  • Download the free MOTIV Mix™ Desktop App to configure the LED touch panel from 16.8 million color options
  • Use the app to optimize mic settings like sound signature, gain and much more
  • Instantly mute the microphone by tapping anywhere on the LED panel
  • Monitor your audio in real-time via the 3.5mm headphone jack


    • MV7+ works with MOTIV Mix™ desktop app on Windows 10 and higher / Mac OS 12 and higher, requires minimum 8 GB of RAM, 20% or more hard disk space.
    • MV7+ works with MOTIV Audio & Video apps on iOS 16 and higher / Android OS 12 and higher


    • Boom arm for attachment to desks, tubes, etc.
    • Microphone holder can be rotated with one hand in four 90° positions.
    • Sturdy, light aluminum construction.
    • Flexible orientation in any position.
    • Clamp with wide clamping range (15-54 mm).
    • Integrated cable guide.


    • 1 MV7+
    • 1 USB-C to USB-C cable
    • 1 Quick Start Guide
    • 1 Gravity Microphone Arm