MXW1X Hybrid Bodypack Transmitter

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The MXW1X hybrid bodypack transmitter lets presenters keep their hands free to write, gesture, or conduct demonstrations. It offers an input jack for connecting a lavalier or headworn microphone as well as an integrated omnidirectional microphone for picking up speech while the bodypack is on a lanyard or tucked into a shirt pocket. The transmitter operates for up to 17 hours with the included SB906 lithium battery pack and recharges quickly. Compatible with Microflex Wireless neXt systems.


    • TA4F microphone input connects to most Shure lavalier or headworn microphones.
    • Integrated omnidirectional mic captures full-range audio without connecting an external microphone.
    • Programmable mute button can control one or multiple transmitters; can be configured as push-to-talk, push-to-mute, or push-on/push-off functioning.
    • MXW neXt transmitters can be remotely muted/unmuted by room control system.
    • Power switch can be defeated to prevent accidental powering off.
    • Information screen displays battery time remaining, room assignment, and more.
    • Adjustable transmit power provides reliable wireless coverage up to 160 feet (50 meters).
    • Out-of-range alert reminds user to return transmitter to charging station.
    • Always-on AES-256 encryption provides enhanced privacy for meeting audio.
    • Smart lithium-ion internal battery pack (included) delivers up to 17 hours of continuous use.
    • Earphone jack allows user to listen to translation, cueing, or program audio.