WA305 Instrument Cable

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Premium materials, including Neutrik straight ¼” (6.3 mm) and locking REAN TA4F connectors, provide durability and lower cable handling noise and sets the WA305 apart for electric instruments, especially electric guitar and bass. The straight cable is ideal for Strat-type guitars with recessed jacks.

The threaded collar on the WA305 is compatible for use with the following bodypacks: GLXD1, GLXD1+, QLXD1, ULXD1-TQG, AD1-TQG, ADX1-TQG, SLXD1


  • 3.0’ (0.9 m) rubber-coated instrument cable reduces handling noise and provides road-worthy durability.
  • Premium straight ¼” (6.3 mm) gold-plated Neutrik connector offer unmatched fidelity and corrosion-free performance
  • Threaded-collar locking REAN TA4F connector securely connects your bodypack for unintterupted signal.