A leading manufacturer of microphones for live, touring, studio and event applications. We are confident that whichever Shure mic you buy in Singapore, you will experience the same high-quality audio performance that the industry has trusted for more than 97 years. 

Are you in the market for a new microphone? If you are wondering where to buy excellent microphones in Singapore, don’t hesitate any longer and make the Shure online store your first visit. 


Shure - Unparalleled Audio Quality & Ideal For A Wide Range Of Applications

Highly sought after, Shure microphones are popular among both consumers and professionals alike. Our microphones’ premium audio capabilities speak for themselves. Hear the difference for yourself when you use one of our Shure microphones at your next event.

On top of the unparalleled audio quality provided with our microphones, we offer an extensive range of models that are perfect for all sorts of applications, ranging from live performances to home recordings. With the comprehensive selection available, there is definitely a microphone for every function, preference and individual. Are you a budding content creator? If so, Shure’s MV7 USB & XLR Podcast Streaming Microphone is a dynamic option suitable for use with computers and professional interfaces in Singapore. Its built-in headphone output supports direct headphone monitoring while recording too and makes it ideal for creators involved in the podcast, gaming and singing space. Customers looking for a vocal microphone designed for vocal use in live performance, sound reinforcement, and studio recording don’t have to look any further than the BLX24/SM58 Wireless System With SM58 Microphone. Its tailored vocal response for sound offers users a world standard for singing or speech. 

Alternatively, they can consider the legendary SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone that promises smooth warm vocals everytime. Its ability to enhance the finer details of the human voice while removing distractions makes it a trusted choice amongst professionals in the broadcasting, recording and podcasting industry. If you are a fitness instructor, the BLX14/SM31FH Fitness Headset Wireless System is the perfect choice for active users and guarantees a hands-free & comfortable workout. Looking to boost your home office setup? The MOTIV MV5C Home Office & Conferencing Microphone brings studio-quality sound to your home office and ensures you make the right impression for all your important meetings, presentations and video conferences.


Choose Shure Microphones For Audio Excellence

With a plethora of excellent microphones available at Shure Singapore, find the best fit for your voice and take vocal expression to whole new levels. Shure microphones are also renowned for their quality and durability, so you can count on them to last for years. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Microphones


How to assess the sound quality of a microphone?

There are various ways for individuals in Singapore to assess the quality of your microphone such as:

  • Utilise Online Mic Test Tools
  • Utilise Recording Software
  • Utilise Audio Interfaces
  • Utilise A Reference Microphone

But if customers are not familiar with these tools, they can contact our team for their enquiries and we can recommend them an appropriate microphone.


How to pick a mic? 

While there are different useful tips to help customers choose a microphone in Singapore such as testing a microphone’s suitability with your voice, its directionality, checking its frequency response, one of the best tips is to consider its usage or purpose. Understanding what you want to use the mic for will undoubtedly narrow down your options as different types of mics are suited for different settings.

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