Shure Content Creation Microphone: Comparison Guide

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Shure Content Creation Microphone: Comparison Guide

Elevate your audio. Whether you are podcasting, streaming, or creating video, you can get premium audio with Shure microphones for content creators. 

Finding the Right Mic

If you are on the move, you will probably prefer a portable option like the MV88, a stereo condenser microphone that plugs right into your iPhone, IPad or iPod. It makes it easy to record professional-quality audio on the go. It can fit into your pocket and by ready to go in a matter of seconds. There is also an option to combine great sound and smartphone video with the MV88+ Video Kit.

If you are sitting down in front of your camera, you might want to consider getting the MV5 microphone. This is a digital condenser microphone that offers the flexibility of both iOS and USB connectivity. Plug-and-play device that comes with three onboard presets for digital signal processing to help you quickly find the right sound for your recording. 

If you're doing interviews, simply clip on the MVL lavalier mic to your lapel and you are ready to conduct your interview. Designed to plug into both iOS and Android mobile devices, the MVL is an omnidirectional condenser microphone, making it easy to capture both interviews and monologues.

If you're doing podcast or live streaming, you can consider dynamic mics such as the SM7B and MV7, they are perfect for podcasting and will work well in any room. 

Shure has paired almost all of these mic options with an easy to use recording and editing software for iOS. The ShurePlus™ MOTIV™ app works with any MOTIV™ device and provides five DSP preset modes to quickly adjust gain, stereo width, equalization and compression. Check out this comparison chart to pick the right Shure microphone for your content creation journey.


Shure Content Creation Microphone Comparison Guide