The Award-Winning MV7 Microphone is Now Zoom Certified in Singapore & Beyond

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The Award-Winning MV7 Microphone is Now Zoom Certified in Singapore & Beyond

 Shure MOTIV MV7 USB & XLR Podcast Streaming Microphone Singapore
Shure's MOTIV MV7 Microphone is Now Zoom Certified

The Shure MV7 is the First to Receive New Professional Microphone Certification

CHICAGO, September 12, 2022 — Nowadays, business professionals and creators are no longer tied to the four walls of their office or studio while working. The evolving hybrid work environment has proven audio quality plays a monumental role – without great audio, communication becomes challenging and drawn-out while participants can easily lose confidence and become frustrated. To help modern workers and creators stay on message, Shure designed the MV7 microphone to specifically elevate the speaker’s voice so everyone can experience clear, rich audio. Today, the MV7 microphone enhanced its status as a top microphone for hybrid work, becoming one of the first to be certified under the ‘ProMic’ category of Zoom’s Personal Workspace Certified Hardware.

What Does Zoom Certified Mean?

"Zoom Certified" refers to hardware that has undergone comprehensive testing and review to provide a seamless and high-quality communication experience on the Zoom platform

This certification is achieved through extensive evaluations conducted by established third-party labs and hardware partnerships, ensuring that the certified devices meet higher standards in both audio and video performance, particularly for Zoom Rooms' functionality. The Zoom Certified badge also serves as a guarantee to customers that the hardware delivers top-notch performance and reliability during Zoom meetings and conferencing. And one such product that has attained the Zoom Certified badge recently is the MV7 USB podcast microphone. The MV7 microphone underwent rigorous testing and is certified according to Zoom’s stringent ProMic category certification requirements.

 Hear the Difference with the MV7 USB Podcast Microphone

The plug-and-play setup makes the MV7 ideal for both hybrid workers who are investing in an external microphone for the first time or up-and-coming creators looking for a microphone that grows with them throughout their careers.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic SM7B Dynamic Vocal microphone, the MV7 microphone embodies excellence with its dynamic design and versatility. Boasting both USB and XLR outputs, it effortlessly connects to computers and professional interfaces, offering convenience and adaptability. Experience enhanced control over your vocal tone and microphone distance by utilising the ShurePlus™ MOTIV app's additional setup features, including the innovative Auto Level Mode. This cutting-edge feature allows the microphone to take charge, automatically adjusting levels to ensure optimal audio performance.

Laser-Focused on Your Voice

The MV7 is outfitted with Shure’s Voice Isolation Technology to elevate the user’s voice and deliver studio-quality audio for clear communication. No matter the environment, the MV7 microphone brings vocals to the forefront and enables uninterrupted audio every time.

“Typical laptop microphones aren’t able to deliver the same high-quality audio as an external microphone,” said Paul Crognale, Associate Director of Musician and Consumer Audio at Shure. “The MV7 is equipped with Voice Isolation Technology to highlight your voice and prevent any unwanted background or room noise from interrupting your audio. The Zoom certification lets you know that the MV7 microphone works with the Zoom platform while providing a high-quality communications experience at your personal workspace.”

Trusted by podcasters and creators alike, the MV7 is an essential tool for anyone looking to improve audio quality at home. The intuitive design is incredibly user-friendly and simple to set up and control, making it a versatile option for joining important conference calls or recording a podcast. A hybrid USB and XLR output on the MV7 ensures a compatible connection with virtually any computer or professional interface.

“Audio quality plays a paramount role in any meeting, presentation, call, or webinar ― especially when you are the presenter. To highlight this importance, Zoom added ProMics as a category to our Hardware Certification Program. We are pleased to include Shure’s MV7 microphone as the first device in this new category to earn this classification. Shure worked closely with our rigorous guidelines to reach certification,” said Jeff Fox, Zoom’s Strategic Alliances Marketing Lead.

Let a Professional Microphone in Singapore Do the Work for You

The MV7 microphone is your ultimate recording companion, delivering unparalleled audio quality and versatility. The MV7 microphone retails for $419 and is available for sale in Shure Shop. For more information, visit the MV7 product page or product overview video.

Elevate your recording experience and unleash your creativity with the cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship of Shure's MV7 podcast microphone. Whether you're a business professional or a content creator, let this professional microphone in Singapore do the work for you, ensuring outstanding recordings every time. Make the MV7 microphone your go-to tool and take your projects to new heights with confidence and precision.

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