SM58 Vocal Microphone: The Emoji Mic in Singapore

SM58 Vocal Microphone: The Emoji Mic in Singapore

Is the SM58 the most iconic microphone ever? Possibly yes! 

Did you know that the world-famous 🎤🎙️ emojis find their roots in the legendary SM58 and Unidyne microphones? Delve into the rich history, remarkable features, and cultural impact of the legendary SM58 microphone and its influence with Shure.

The Evolution: SM58 — A Timeless Icon From Studio to Stage

With a legacy spanning over half a century, the SM58 has not only set but defined the industry standard for live performances. Originally conceived by Shure in 1966 as part of a new line of studio recording microphones (hence 'SM' for 'Studio Microphone'), the SM58 transcends its initial purpose. Surprisingly, its true home emerged not within the confines of recording studios but on the grand stages of theatres, arenas, and performance spaces globally. This remarkable vocal microphone has seamlessly adapted to diverse environments, becoming an enduring symbol of audio excellence in live entertainment.

The SM58 Just Sounds the Way a Microphone Should. Natural.

Ever wondered about the magic behind the captivating audio of the SM58 microphone? Its secret lies in a meticulously crafted frequency response, ensuring an unparalleled blend of warmth and clarity. Whether you're belting out heavy metal anthems or serenading in jazz tones, the SM58 maintains its exceptional sound quality. This is achieved through a clever combination of bass roll-off and a seamlessly smooth mid-range presence peak, allowing your vocals to effortlessly cut through the mix. The simplicity of its design conceals a sophisticated engineering that guarantees a natural and resonant sound, making the SM58 the epitome of microphone excellence.

Rugged for the Road Ahead

The SM58 vocal microphone has earned its stripes across various music genres, from rock to pop and beyond. Renowned for its exceptional durability, this microphone has become synonymous with resilience. Whether enduring hits, drops, or the occasional beverage spill, the SM58 not only survives but continues to deliver unparalleled sound quality. Its robust design ensures that even after taking a beating, this mic stands resilient, consistently providing the outstanding audio performance it's celebrated for. The best part? It would still sound as amazing as ever.

Elevate Your Sound with the Legendary SM58 Vocal Microphone

Unleash your inner rockstar with a range of SM58 vocal microphones! Being one of the Top 3 Karaoke Microphones in Singapore, the legendary durability of the SM58 ensures it can handle anything, making it the perfect choice for passionate performers. Grab yours now and take the stage with confidence and unparalleled sound quality!

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Shure SM58 Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my SM58 microphone is a counterfeit?

Genuine SM58 mics feature a matte grey grille and band, not a shiny silver finish. On the authentic model, the pin numbers at the bottom end are also raised. In addition, keep an eye out for consistent print quality on both the microphone and its packaging.

What's the differences between SM57 and SM58?

The SM57 and SM58 microphones are based on the same cartridge design. The main difference is in the grille design. The SM58 was designed for vocal application, and it uses a ball grille that acts as an effective pop filter. The SM57, on the other hand, was designed as an instrument microphone where a smaller grille size is preferred.

What year was the SM58 introduced?

The SM58 was introduced in 1966. The first units were sold in September 1966. The SM58 is based on the Unidyne III microphone element developed in the late 1950s by Shure engineer Ernie Seeler. This element is also used in the SM57, 565, and 545 models.

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