Live Streaming with Wireless Microphone

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Live Streaming with Wireless Microphone

Audio or sound quality is essential for any kind of live stream. A microphone can significantly improve the quality of your live stream. This explains why investing in a high quality microphone is important. 

Benefits of using wireless microphone for your next live stream

There are many reasons why you should consider replacing some cables of your live streaming setups with wireless ones.

  • Hands-free. A wireless lavalier mic or a headset mic is unobtrusive and free up your hands. 
  • Convenience: It can significantly reduce the need to carry other equipment such as a mic boom stand around during a live stream or recording. 
  • Free Movement: With a wireless set up, you just have to ensure you are within range. You don need to worry about relocating your cameras or being mindful of the cords at all time.

Shure SVX Wireless Systems

Being one of the most trusted audio brand, Shure has earned its wireless pedigree by providing legendary performance and high quality wireless sound for performers, instructors, presenters and more at every level. 

Introduced in 2010, Shure SVX Wireless Systems deliver the quality of Shure wireless performance for virtually any application at an economical price. From vocal performance to fitness instruction, business presentations to karaoke, SVX Wireless will provide years of reliable use. 

Can i use my Shure Wireless System or microphone to host live stream with Zoom?

Yes! Check out our ready-made product bundle solutions here.

With the MOTIV MVi Digital Audio Interface adapter, you can use any Shure wireless microphone system with Zoom or other live stream platforms. See the drawing below for simple setup instructions.

  1. You can use any Shure wireless microphone system with Zoom using a Shure MVi adapter.
  2. Simply connect the wireless mic receiver, like a BLX4 or SVX4 , to the MVi as shown in the drawing with a 1/4" cable.
  3. You can connect the Headphone port to a stereo system to hear your participants in the room. Then use the Mode button to disable local monitoring of your wireless mic if desired, to prevent feedback.